Alexa and Nick’s engagement session at Michigan State University’s campus in East Lansing was magical, an instant classic! I love being able to tell my couple’s love story through their engagement photos. So when Alexa & Nick asked to do their session at MSU where their story began, I was honored by the opportunity to walk through campus with them to see all of the places that hold a special place in their hearts.

Over the past few months, and throughout the evening, I enjoyed learning more details of their story and getting to know the two of them better. Sometimes you can just tell that a couple is made for each other, but learning that they met by happenstance in a local Meijer, and that Alexa looked past Nick’s “Canadian Tuxedo” to see a cute guy that might be worth her time, somehow just sealed the love letter for me!

Alexa and Nick’s first date was right on campus at the MSU Museum and MSU Union. Being the history nerd that I am, I can’t help but love the idea of a museum for a first date location!

Despite touching the third rail of relationships (politics) on their first date, Alexa and Nick knew they had something. Many dates around campus followed – on the banks of the Red Cedar River…

strolling through the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden…

Fuchsia will be their wedding accent color – so I couldn’t help but take advantage of this plant in the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden to show off Alexa’s gorgeous ring!

Even if you’re not a Spartan, you can’t help but be in awe of the beauty of MSU’s campus! It’s no wonder these two fell in love here!

At one point in the evening Nick asked me how they could “step it up,” to which I could only reply – “trust me, you’re killin it!” My absolute favorite photos are the ones that just show my couples being themselves, enjoying each other and the moment.

I absolutely love the way Nick makes Alexa smile and laugh. Walking around campus with them felt just like spending an evening with old friends. They are so comfortable with each other and with sharing their love.

AND Golden Hour did NOT disappoint! When I started this post off by saying their session was magical, I meant it – just look at how beautiful this light looks on the paths through MSU!

OK, I’ve saved the best for last…I knew it was incredibly important to them to spend some time during their session at Beaumont Tower because THIS is where Nick popped the question and Alexa said yes! We had so much fun in this spot, and I have a sneaky suspicion that Nick might have some serious moves up his sleeve for the big day!

What I didn’t know before the session though, is that there was more to Nick’s choice of proposal location besides the fact that it’s simply gorgeous. Guys, listen up, this is a PERFECT example of why I want YOU to be involved in the Engagement session photo plans too. When Nick worked up the courage to tell me that there is a legend that you’re destined to marry your sweetheart if you kiss in the shadow of the tower…WE MADE IT HAPPEN, and it was so romantic and passionate! Guys, I LOVE it when your session is truly a collaboration, I don’t want to be the one directing the show the whole time because THESE are the photos you get when you open up and share your ideas and what’s important to you!

I am so honored to be the person that Alexa and Nick chose to share their love story and capture their wedding day. The next year is going to be a long wait because I am so excited for these two. BUT it will be worth it because I know their ceremony at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church and reception at The Kensington Hotel in Ann Arbor will be GORGEOUS and we are going to have so much FUN!