I had such a fun evening with Sarah and Colton for their engagement session at Mill Pond Park in Brighton! I just loved getting to know them better, laughing with them, and, in Sarah’s words, “capturing their awkward goofiness.”

Sarah and Colton are high school sweethearts, which you all know I have a soft spot for (my hubby and I are high school sweethearts too)! Aside from being a photographer, I am also a teacher…so I can NEVER tell my students their story (I’m positive it would turn into their favorite excuse for being late to class, so you’re all sworn to secrecy)… BUT – this love story all started because SOMEONE (I won’t tell you who) was TARDY to first hour!

These two got paired together and Colton won Sarah’s heart by bringing her donuts and chocolate milk every morning. Pretty smart move for a high school boy if you ask me…because the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach too!

You can just tell that Sarah & Colton’s love is built on friendship – I LOVE the way he makes her smile!

Not only are these two an amazing couple, but they’re also amazing parents to a sweet little boy named Chase. I loved being able to give these two some alone time to just love on each other.

As parents, it can be so difficult to find time to appreciate each other. Some quiet time together can do some serious magic for the relationship.

And even when we do get alone time together, it can be hard to really soak it in. Most of our evening was spent laughing together reminiscing on the early days of Sarah and Colton’s relationship (like when tire tracks in the snow busted a late night date), and sharing parenthood stories…but these quiet, intimate moments that we stole in between laughs really show the other side of their love.

Sarah and Colton’s love story would not be complete without talking about their adorable little boy Chase – so not only did we have a lovely engagement session together, but we also snuck a fun family session into the evening!

We had everything a this little boy could want on a beautiful summer night – ducks to watch (which he was completely fascinated by)…

Snuggles, tickles, and kisses with mom and dad…

Playtime in the park…

And ice cream!!!!

Sarah & Colton, it was so much fun to capture your love and your beautiful family! I am so excited for you as you journey toward becoming Husband and Wife! Your intimate destination wedding in Hawaii is going to be what dreams are made of, and I am honored to be your Forever Photographer!