Whether or not to include a second photographer in your wedding photography package is usually a budget concern. As a huge Dave Ramsey fan, I absolutely respect the importance of sticking to your budget and starting off your marriage in financial harmony. However, wedding budgets have some fluidity – if capturing and preserving the moments of your day so that your story can be shared with your friends, family, and generations to come is one of your top priorities; I strongly believe it would be worth stealing a few dollars from your lower priority budget items in order to have a second photographer document your day.  So, without further ado, here are seven reasons I believe a second photographer is worth every penny:
  1. We can capture moments happening in different locations. For example, while I am with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready my second photographer can be with the groom and the groomsmen. While I am wrapping up bridal party photos or capturing the reception details you’ve worked so hard to plan, my second photographer can document your guests at cocktail hour.
  2. I can capture even more real moments and emotions. This comes into play the most during the ceremony and scheduled reception events. While I mainly keep my focus on the bride and groom, my second photographer can focus on capturing the reactions of your loved ones to your vows, your first kiss, toasts, and your first dance.
  3. You will get even more images that will tell your whole story. Every photographer captures things from their own unique perspective. It’s actually pretty amazing how two photographers can be in the exact same location at the same time and capture completely different images. I will ask the second shooters I work with to purposely use different lenses and angles when shooting so that we’re providing complete coverage of your wedding day! Also, it’s simple math, 2 cameras = twice the images!
  4. Group photos will be so much easier for everyone! This is especially important for large wedding parties and large families. I can give my second shooter your list of must-have portrait combinations, and they can gather the next group “on deck” while I am shooting. A second shooter can also help look for things like crooked ties, necklaces, and hidden faces too. This saves times and means your family and wedding party will be happier : D
  5. They can help make epic photos happen. While I finish photographing something, my second shooter can scout and prepare the next portrait location. A second photographer is also another set of eyes for keeping all the details – like your veil, train, or boutonniere, in place. It’s these behind the scenes duties of a second shooter that make them such a valuable asset to your wedding day team.
  6. I’m a human. Having a second shooter allows me the flexibility to take a restroom break and get a drink of water when I need to without you missing a single detail or moment from your story. There is so much going on during a wedding day, that having somebody to back me up can really make a difference. I’m definitely more creative and focused when I’m hydrated and not distracted by my bladder. Also, having someone to help with my gear, ideas, and staying on schedule just makes the day smoother for everyone 🙂
  7. It’s the cheapest peace of mind you can buy. When you include a second photographer in your wedding photography package, you can have absolute confidence that your day will be captured by myself, or someone I personally know and trust. This has never happened before, but, God forbid, if something were to happen to me that would prevent me from capturing your wedding, you would have a professional photographer who has already committed to your wedding and would have no schedule conflict taking over for me. Or, if I had some sort of freak equipment malfunction during a big moment, we would still be able to have that moment captured and included in your story. Knowing that we have this backup plan in place alone makes a second photographer worth every penny!