Life can get crazy hectic when you add wedding planning into the mix, so I completely understand that scheduling an engagement session may not be at the top of your priority list of how to spend your precious time. But, an Engagement Session is so much more than just extra photos of yourselves – it can actually make your wedding day even better! Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons that might change your mind:

  1. Your Engagement Session is your Trial Run – this is a chance for you to get comfortable in front of my camera with no pressure! Believe it or not, I have never photographed a professional model’s wedding – I capture the love and joy of real couples that usually have little to no experience in front of a professional camera. The genuine smiles and natural poses you see in my images often don’t come quite so naturally – we all feel awkward in front of the camera…at first. This is why an engagement session is such an awesome opportunity! Without the pressure of a wedding day timeline and wedding day nerves, an engagement session allows my couples to get super comfortable in front of the camera – which means they already feel like pros on the wedding day! It usually takes couples 15-20 minutes to really warm up to the camera, and we aren’t always able to work an extra 15-20 minutes in to a wedding day timeline. Couples who have an engagement session are ready to rock and roll and show off their modeling skills on the wedding day!
  2. Your Engagement Session is your Trial Run 2.0 – I know, lame title…but I don’t know how else to say it! Your engagement session can also be a trial run for your wedding day hair and makeup! Nearly every bride will have at least one hair and makeup practice round before the big day – but, as I mentioned in Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot, an engagement session is also your opportunity to see what your wedding day hair and makeup will look like in photos! Two birds, one stone – boom baby!
  3. Your Engagement Session is your opportunity to get to know your photographer! –  An engagement session allows everyone to get comfortable with each other. When I get this extra time to get to know my couples, I can capture their true personalities – it’s so much easier to capture amazing portraits when we have a real connection. Having that connection before the wedding day makes you feel like a trusted friend is showing up on your wedding day, rather than just the photographer you hired. I care about my couples, and I hope that shows in my work…I think it does. This honestly might be the most important reason to schedule an engagement session…but hang tight, I have two more for you!
  4. When you feel comfortable, and you have a connection with your photographer, you will be confident on your wedding day – Confidence is so key! When you feel confident, it shows in your photos. After couples have completed their engagement session and have seen their beautiful images in their gallery, they can move forward to their wedding day with a sense of confidence. Confidence is not something you can just make someone feel instantly – being able to instill that confidence before the wedding day feels great for all of us!
  5. Your Engagement Photos make fantastic decor for your wedding and your home – Many couples choose to incorporate their engagement photos into their wedding in at least one way – save the dates, invitations, guest book, table numbers, decor – there are so many options! But, engagement photos are also great for decorating your home because they’re more casual. Most of my couples want to decorate their first home with beautiful images of themselves – but if all you had was photos of the two of you in your wedding attire, your home might end up looking a little wedding obsessed. Being able to mix and match casual and formal images throughout your home is a gorgeous way to celebrate your love without going overboard.

I’m sure I could think of more reasons for why an Engagement Session will make your wedding day even more amazing – it really is a must if it’s at all possible for you – but I’ll leave it at 5 reasons for now 🙂 Were they enough? Are you convinced? If so, Contact Me today to schedule yours! I can’t wait to capture your joy and love <3