A rustic, historic estate and a stunning countryside getaway just minutes from Ann Arbor, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms is an incredible venue for any wedding – outdoor or indoor, big or small, elegant or rustic. The venue is one of a kind, dedicated to bringing people together – and isn’t that what weddings are all about?

About Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Zingerman’s Cornman Farms prides itself on being not only a stunning venue, but also an incredible culinary destination! The founder of the venue, Chef Kieron, spent decades working in restaurants  and cooking all over the world, dedicated to evoking flavors and emotions that remind people of home. And with the farm to table offerings at Zingerman’s, they strive to ensure that every couple feels right at home – and that their guests feel that way too! Your wedding’s menu will be customized just for you, and you can even bring your own family recipes.

Location of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

When you’re choosing a wedding venue, location will likely be a big factor! Nestled in Dexter, Michigan, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms is between Chelsea and Ann Arbor, just minutes from downtown Ann Arbor. The location is convenient and easy to reach, and yet it feels like it’s worlds away from anything else. Out on the farm, your wedding will feel truly private! With 175 parking spots and an overflow lot, the farm is easily accessible for all your guests.

Pricing of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Zingerman’s Cornman Farms is the perfect venue regardless of budget, as they offer a variety of packages and accommodate weddings of all sizes – from tiny elopements to large gatherings.

Bespoke Weddings

Bespoke weddings are designed just for you, down to every last detail. You get exclusive access to the entire farm for the day, a team of wedding planning experts, and more. With different packages available, you can find exactly what works for you! 

Saturday weddings start at $21,000, with discounted prices for weekday weddings and add-ons available for those who want a little more.

Intimate Weddings

An intimate wedding is right between a bespoke wedding and an elopement, with about 20 guests. It’s perfect for couples having a smaller celebration! You’ll have exclusive access to the entire farm, for either a full day or just half.

Half Day intimate weddings are only offered Sunday – Friday, and average $8,000, with prices depending on the season and the day. Full Day intimate weddings average $12,000, and are available Sunday – Friday, through Saturdays are an option in the off season (November through April).


Your elopement deserves something a little more than the courthouse, and for tiny ceremonies of 4 – 20 people, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms offers elopement packages. You can rent the entire venue for five hours!

Winter and spring elopements (available Monday – Thursday) start at $3,500, and summer and fall elopements (available Monday – Wednesday) at $4,000.

Capacity of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

No matter the size of your wedding, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms has something for you! The maximum number of guests is 300. Bespoke wedding prices include 100 people, intimate wedding include 20, and elopements include 4 – but each package allows you to increase the number of guests for a per person fee, so your venue package is totally customizable!

Features of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

This is the fun part – everything that you get when you tie the knot at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms!!

The Farmhouse

Built in 1834 and upgraded in 2019, the farmhouse is cozy, yet modern. The white panel walls invite you in, and inside you’ll find everything you need to feel at home. Large windows ensure that each room is well lit, the kitchen is the perfect place for a meal cooked by the chef, the library gives you a space to take some time for yourself, and the lounge and living room make a great spot to hang out with the wedding party before the main event. There is also a hair and makeup room, with windows and mirrors and everything you’ll need to get pampered. The dressing room provides a comfortable, romantic spot to put on your wedding attire and get ready for the ceremony!

The Red Barn

The stunning red barn is an icon of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms. It’s rustic elegance fits perfectly into the landscaped grounds. The loft is the main space, providing a covered dance floor and an indoor ceremony option in case of rain. The bar and lounge serves as a place for groomsmen to linger before the ceremony, and as a place for guests to gather during cocktail hour. Finally, the outdoor pergola offers some fresh air, and the twinkle lights make for a magical evening!

The Grove

Though both the farmhouse and the red barn can be used for your ceremony, the grove is the most popular spot to tie the knot. It’s located outside amongst the manicured gardens, with the picturesque farmhouse in the background. This is definitely one of the best outdoor ceremony venues around!

The Tent Pavilion

The tent pavilion, with its towering white ceilings, hung with greenery and string lights, offers a sheltered place for dinners, receptions, and dances! It’s elegant wood chairs and inviting decor is the perfect place to celebrate after your ceremony.

Chef’s Garden

At Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, you can visit the garden where your food is grown! Enclosed by willows, it’s a gorgeous place to sit down and enjoy a meal cooked by Chef Kieron, or to learn about the vegetables and herbs grown here.

Tree-Lined Drive

Your photos are an important part of your wedding – and this spot is the perfect place to take a few – or a lot. The paved pathway is surrounded by trees, creating a gorgeous natural backdrop.

Rolling Fields

The rolling hills are perhaps one of the most photogenic spots on the property, perfect for wedding photos and for catching the sunset!

Farm Animals

As a fun bonus, couples who get married here can even receive visits from baby animals – a unique experience that you won’t forget!

Want to Get Married at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms?

To book Zingerman’s Cornman Farms as your wedding venue, you’ll need to pay a 50% deposit to reserve your date. If you’re already sold on the incredible natural beauty and the hospitality of the farm, submit your inquiry here.

The next step after choosing your venue?

Hiring a photographer – contact me for availability and detailed pricing information!