I want you to feel and look your best during your session – not only because it will make our time together more enjoyable for you, but also because I want you to love looking at your photos on your wall or in your albums for years to come. Considering everyone’s body type when putting together outfits for your family photos is just as important as choosing your coordinating colors. Are you standing in front of a closet of clothes wondering what to wear for your family photo session? If you’re unsure of what your body type is or how to best compliment it, let me help!


SKINNY – A “skinny” body type has noticeable lean muscle mass and they might find it difficult to gain weight, no matter how often they eat. *The trick is to not wear “second-skin” thin shirts but also not choosing something that will completely drown the guy in fabric* Think a button down shirt that fits the shoulders and falls a little looser through the torso, a chunky knit sweater, or a tailored jacket and straight leg jeans in a classic or light wash (dark wash creates a slimming illusion).
MUSCULAR – This type has more defined muscles and a rectangular shaped body. *Choose items that don’t add to the intimidation factor* Stick to straight cut pants and shirts that do not show any tightness of fabric across the chest/shoulders/upper back.
MORE TO LOVE – They have a more “stocky” build and tend to be a little softer and rounder. *Choose items that have a slimming effect* Shirts with vertical stripes, crew neck tees, and jackets with structured shoulders are all great options. Avoid fitted polo shirts, bright colors, busy patterns, and horizontal stripes.


STRAIGHT – Their shoulders and hips are relatively the same width and their waist doesn’t have a noticeable definition to it. *Look for pieces of clothing the help create the illusion of a more “shapely” figure* Try a button down blouse that’s tailored at the waist or color blocking. Avoid shapeless, flowy tops and dresses.
HOURGLASS – The waist is very defined while the hips and shoulders are relatively the same size. *Look for pieces of clothing that draw attention to the waistline* Look for shirts with v-necklines or that are more form fitting.
PEAR/TRIANGLE – The hips are distinctively wider than the shoulders and the waist is noticeable. *Choose clothing that brings more attention to the upper body* Try A-line dresses and higher cut tops. Avoid anything that brings attention to the hips like flared skirts or baby doll style shirts.
INVERTED TRIANGLE – The shoulders are wider in comparison to the waist and hips. *Choose clothing that plays down the shoulders and emphasizes your hips* Try a fitted shirt with an A-line skirt. Avoid shirts or dresses with high necklines.
OVAL – The waist is equal or greater in width to the hips and shoulders. *Look for pieces that will help create the illusion of a defined waist* Try deeper v-cut dresses or shirts and add a belt. Avoid tight clothes – it’s actually easier to create the appearance of a more defined body shape with loose clothes!