Alexa and Nick’s wedding wasn’t exactly what they had originally planned, but it was perfect. Their ceremony at St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor was absolutely beautiful and their reception at The Kensington Hotel was a celebration with their closest family and friends.

Their wedding was originally going to be in June (and with a larger guest list), but was postponed and the guest list downsized due to COVID. Alexa and Nick handled all of the changes with such grace and positivity – they didn’t let COVID stop them from getting married ( #loveisnotcancelled ) AND they saw the opportunity to make their intimate day incredibly meaningful while looking forward to a larger celebration next year.

From Alexa’s gorgeous dress and blush and navy details, the beautiful gifts and letters they gave each other, to all the kisses, laughs and smiles…their big day was amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate their love all over again next year!