What is an unplugged wedding? It’s when the bride and groom request their guests to turn off their cell phones and any other picture taking devices. Why would a bride and groom do that?!

  1. You want your guests to be fully present. This will be one of the most important and intimate moments of your life! You want them listen to, not just hear, your vows and to witness your first kiss with their own eyes, not through a screen. It takes focus and attention to get the perfect shot (believe me, I’m a wedding photographer, I know!) – so if your guests are focused on taking pictures, they are not focused on the moments you have invited them to share with you.
  2. You don’t want your guests to get in the way of the professional photographer you have hired. Not only is it frustrating for your photographer, but it will also be disappointing for you if your photographer misses a shot or ends up with a partially blocked shot because your aunt leans into the aisle to snap her own first kiss picture.
  3. You want your guests to enjoy each other’s company. Not having phones means people can have conversations with each other instead of looking at their phones! Having fun at your wedding should be their number one priority – not checking their email or notifications.
  4. You want your wedding to be more intimate. There’s a reason you have chosen the people on your guest list to share this day with – once guests start sharing pictures on social media, your guest list virtually multiplies. (and, on a side note, sometimes there are people who are purposely left off of guest lists that you would rather not see those pictures).
  5. You want to see your guests’ smiling faces in your wedding album. When you reminisce on your anniversary snuggled up on the couch with drinks and your album, you don’t want to see your guests’ faces hiding behind phones and cameras – you want to see their smiles and laughs. The images from your wedding day should reflect joy and love, there is no way to capture those emotions when eyes are glued to screens.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, at least consider a compromise. You can get the best of both worlds by having your guests be unplugged and fully present at the ceremony, and asking them to be plugged in to share the fun of your reception with your unique wedding hashtag!